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The LAIR of the MIlitia DEamonz PRODuctions

Where Music and Life Entwine

Militia Deamonz Productions : 
A producer crew who are also artists, is made up of renown Super Producers who have arranged, write, compose and produced music for a diverse array of artists and commercial productions.

They are working towards becoming the most recognized and the leading commercial producers in the WORLD.
EMG (the founder of Militia Deamonz Productions) and crew have made it a part of their forte to keeping up to date with what the world wide sonic landscapes has to offer and is current and willing to ride in on that wave.

Fueling successful fires among artists as well as themselves, they are not  planning on stopping any time soon! 


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As experienced Music Producers, Militia Deamonz PRODuctions offer a plethora of different styles of music
: Hip-Hop, Rap,Trap


R&B, Contemporary and Pop

Sound effects
Horror, Fighting, Environmental to name a few.

Score Music for a certain Ambiance or Mood, all this and more...From their studio they fondly call :

 'The Lab' .
So whether it’s polishing off an album,creating exclusive licencing music, forging Lit Beat cues, writing hit songs or blasting sonic feel-good-make-your-body-move music out into the ether...,
Militia Deamonz Productions  help you get that much  closer to what you need and want professionally. 



 Lab Creations

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             A small production crew Who are also artists,

                   that tailors to you but also have a crew.

                    Who Are They ?

They have been lovers of music since they could hear.
EMG ( Eddy da Machine Gun) 
D3AMON ( Divinely 3mpowered Artist Mastering  Omnipotence Nonstop) are the fire
that keep
The Lair burning!
One grew up in New York, Brooklyn  the other In Aruba.
They both started as Rappers and had a great eye for local talent.
They met each other in Amsterdam and at a young age, been inseparable ever since.
Amsterdam having a great diverse musical scene called them.
Hip -Hop and Rap that's where their Hearts at. But they fell in love with all genres they could put a beat to.
While one went To SAE (School, Of Audio Engineering) and the Dutch Film Academy. The other went through the school of Hard Knocks,self thought leaning how to mix music and rhyme,  while honing his skills in song writing. They together filled in each others strengths to work towards a common goal.
Now also putting out their own tracks as well as creating their own crew (Militia Deamonz/ Angels) so they can be a do it all powerhouse! 

Their main Hobbies: Music, Movies Martial arts, Comics and Video games geared them in to wanting to be a part of that realm. Which they continue and would love continue being in.

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Name drops keep falling on my head

The love for music has given Militia Deamonz Productions  great opportunities to work with some of the best and up and coming talent, local and international. Like: Tico Mac,  Side Show Slim, Sonny Bass, Ebon-E, Odeza, Salsa Y HieloCEO, Amo-Lab, Da Denzel, Iron Menz, D'LionTruen, Adigun, Khlap da flame thrower and many more.

Their Artist Crew consisting of : EMG , D3amon Khlap The  Flame Thrower and Temari just dropped a single, which is out on all  major platforms!

We have also been blessed to be placed on a stellar NBC  TV-show called ' GOOD GIRLS '.
Militia Deamonz Productions producers are both BMI affiliated.
So feel free to contact us, with your Licencing or Music Production needs!

NEW Track Out Now!! 'It's about right' Featuring Marjery Janice



We create to cater to our clients needs!

Militia Deamonz Productions work incredibly hard mixing and producing any arrangements, and are proud to be able to present clients and artist with great final products.
Be sure to listen to some of their work  and discover the infectious smile and uncontrollable head nodding that occurs  through the magic of productions produced by
 Militia Deamonz Productions.

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Are you looking for professional Music Producers to give you (non)-exclusive licencing and Lit to Dope Beats?  
MIlitia DEamonz PRODuctions can help take your product to that higher and practical level!

Hit us up to learn more about what we can do for you Music and/or Sound wise.

                    Stay Blessed 


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